Using Concede Control() with the SCORM Driver


Question from Client:  In our older version of the course, we used “ConcedeControl()” to exit the course.   In the newer one that we did last year, we are using the “ExitCourse()”.


The problem that we are having is that we put the older course to our new LMS using your latest SCORM engine.  The “exit button with ConcedeControl()” does not record any test score, but clicking on the “X” to close the browser does record the score.  This is seems to be happening with other 3rd party LMS too.


Is it standard now that we use the ExitCourse()?

--We would still want to see you using ConcedeControl.  This function will pass control back to the LMS and will optionally close the content window or navigate to a specific URL as determined by the EXIT_BEHAVIOR parameter in the configuration file. This function is a useful alternative to calling a specific “Finish” function. Note, this function call should originate from a child (or descendent) frame of the indexApi page. It should not be invoked from a popped up window.I suppose you could, from content, reach up into the SCORM Engine functions, but that wouldn't work in any other LMS and the SCORM Engine might change as well.  Best to keep these things totally separate.  


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