Courses mark 'failed' if you don't complete the quiz


We have recently had a request to 'fix' some Captivate content that reports 'failed' back to the LMS if you don't complete the quiz (*This fix has also been applied to courses authored in Lectora and Articulate Storyline.). If your course is SCORM 1.2, then you may be able to use this hack ( to fix it... however if you are using SCORM 2004, then it becomes a different issue, but can be handled in the imsmanifest.xml file with some rollup rules.


This 'fix' is a combination of overriding SCORM 2004's default behavior of setting the content as 'passed' if there are no other instructions by adding completionSetByContent="true" and objectiveSetByContent="true" as found here: ( This will make the rollup look to the content for completion instead of using the defaults.


Next, we need to add a rollup rule that basically states 'if all SCOs are satisfied, then so is the overall course'. This is accomplished by creating a rollupRule that looks to make sure ALL items are satisfied before rolling that up to the top level.


Below is an example of how this can be done in the imsmanifest to ensure a Captivate (SCORM 2004) course returns 'unknown' as the satisfaction until the quiz is completed.


    <organizations default="Course_ID1_ORG">
        <organization identifier="Course_ID1_ORG">
            <title>Captivate E-learning Course</title>
            <item identifier="SCO_ID1" isvisible="true" identifierref="SCO_ID1_RES">
                    <title>Course Object title</title>

<!-- this is what Captivate gives you by default -->

                        <imsss:primaryObjective objectiveID="PRIMARYOBJ" satisfiedByMeasure="false">

<!-- *********************************************** -->

<!-- to override the default SCORM 2004 completion setting, add this... -->
                        <imsss:deliveryControls completionSetByContent="true" objectiveSetByContent="true"/>

<!-- ************************************************************************** -->

<!-- Outside of the SCO, add this rollupRule to make the course report 'passed' ONLY if all SCOs are 'passed' -->
                      <imsss:rollupRules rollupObjectiveSatisfied="true" rollupProgressCompletion="true">
                        <imsss:rollupRule childActivitySet="all">
                          <imsss:rollupConditions conditionCombination="all">
                            <imsss:rollupCondition condition="satisfied" operator="noOp"></imsss:rollupCondition>
                          <imsss:rollupAction action="satisfied"></imsss:rollupAction>

<!-- ****************************************************************** -->

This fix has also been applied to courses authored in Lectora and Articulate Storyline and Rise.

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    Joe Donnelly

    This fix was tested with a Lectora course as well and the course behaved as expected.



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    Jay Lucke

    I have a question about this.  I tested the solution with my course and it did report UNKNOWN at all times until I PASSED / COMPLETED the course.  I then tried to fail the test and it still reported UNKNOWN.  Is it possible to report UNKNOWN until a test is taken and then report FAILED / PASSED as you would expect?  Is this solution only going to give you UNKNOWN or PASSED?



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