Articulate Courses Showing Completion on Launch


I recently encountered an issue with a client where they had a piece of Articulate content that worked in another LMS, but for some reason, it would not launch in our environment.  Here is what would happen.  The course would import as normal into the LMS (in this case, SCORM Cloud), but when we went to launch the would not only act like it was complete, but also claim that it showed us 100 0f 100 slides.  In this case, the content had 4 slides...see attached screenshot...

Turns out, this is a known issue between Flash 10 and Adobe Presenter 4 and 5, so if your browser is running Flash Player 10, you will see this behavior in content published from those versions of Articulate.  Articulate's knowledge base offered this suggestion:


If you are trying to view content that someone else created, please go here:


If you upgrade to Flash Player 10 and can no longer view content created in Presenter 5, you can address this issue by following the steps outlined in this blog article:

Following the steps outlined above will also allow you to publish with Presenter4 and 5 without having to run the updater again.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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