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If your content is being set to complete, but you are not receiving a score (even though you are setting one) may want to check:

The completionSetByContent attribute in the manifest file, by default this is set to 'False' in SCORM is the data from the SCORM 2004 Content Aggregation Model Documentation:

completionSetByContent (optional, default value = false):  This attribute
indicates that the attempt completion status for the activity will be set by the
SCO (true or false) [5].  XML Data Type: xs:boolean.

There is also an attribute called objectiveSetByContent, here is the documentation for that attribute:

objectiveSetByContent(optional, default value = false):  This attribute
indicates that the objective satisfied status for the activity's associated
objective that contributes to rollup will be set by the SCO.  XML Data Type:

If these attributes are not set in the manifest, or they are set to false then you are in danger of getting that completed status type with no score.

There are raw, min, max, and scaled scores...per the Run Time Environment Documentation for 2004, the raw score is the number that reflects the performance of the learner relative to the range bounded by  the values of min and max.  The scaled score is the number that reflects the performance of the learner and is what rolls up to the parent (course/lesson level) and will show under course status in testtrack.  The value of the scaled score will fit between -1.0 and 1.0, so for example, if I received an 85, I would send .85...

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    Vladimir Goldenberg

    Question: The format of cmi.interactions.n.learner_response for multi-choice text depends on interaction type. (from your website). I get right result when the choice is one word like true, false, glossary and so on. But when my choice is sentence like: One civil VHF radio and two military VHF and UHF radios I've got NULL in learner_response database's field. How can I fix this. Thank you for help. Sincerely, Vladimir

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    Joe Donnelly

    Hey Vladimir,

    Thanks for your comment. I have a couple of quick questions for you...

    What version of SCORM are you using?

    Are you testing in SCORM Cloud? If so, are you seeing an error in the debug log section after testing? Normally, our errors will point you right at the issue.

    Thank you!


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    Vladimir Goldenberg

    I use SCORM 2004. I have Gyrus software which saves cmi.interactions.1.learner_response", value="Audio Control Panel (ACP)") to learner_response field in ScormActivityRTIntLearnerResp table.

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    Joe Donnelly

    Thanks Vladimir, I went ahead and pushed this to support so we can help you there.

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