General Integration Stuff (SCORM Engine 2007.x)


In order to allow for future upgrades we want you to only modify
parts of the source for your customizations. You are free to
modify code in these places:

* IntegrationTester: (this is just a simple console
application for testing purposes).
* [Company_Name]Integration: Hopefully all the changes (other than UI)
can be done by extending the Integration class here.
* ScormContentPlayerCentral/centraluifiles/
* ScormContentPlayerRemote/remotuifiles/ These are your ui
* RusticiSoftware.ScormContentPlayer.Logic/Resources/AppStrings*
You can add strings here, and add new Appstrings.lang.resx
files for translations

If your changes don't fit into these places then let us know and
we will help you find a solution.

As for redeploying from source:

1. Make your changes to the source.
2. Hit F6 in VS2005 to Rebuild Solution.
3. Once successfully built open dosprompt and change directory
to your solution root.
4. (modify quickdeploy.bat to change the location of BaseDir)
run quickdeploy.bat, this will create the distribution
layout for you that I have been sending in BaseDir.
5. Redeploy out of the webapps in BaseDir.

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