Incorrect Data Type Errors



When a user finishes the final exam in the content and receives a score, a number of JavaScript warnings pop up:

LMSSetValue Error: cmi.interactions.1.correct_response.0.pattern to [n/a]Incorrect Data Type

LMSSetValue Error: cmi.interactions.1.student_response.0.pattern to [n/a]Incorrect Data Type

I get probably ten or fifteen of these -- maybe a pair for each question I missed (interactions.12, interactions.35). On a second attempt, the interaction numbers are higher. This is a problem in both our LMS and in SCORM Cloud.


By default, the SCORM Engine validates all interactions against the SCORM specification...n/a is technically invalid, but we do have a package property to help this out. If you disable 'Enable Validation of SCORM Interaction Results' that lives on the compatibility tab, you should not receive this error anymore.

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