Problem getting course to complete successfully


We have a course with multiple nested SCO in the following structure

Module 1

     SCO 1

    SCO 2

        SCO 2A

        SCO 2B

Module 2

   SCO 3

   SCO 4

Modules 3-8 etc.


    Test Intro

    Test 1

    Test 2

    Test Summary


Essentially, the learner needs to take the test.  This consists of (usually) the test intro which is just HTML, then test 1 and test 2 where he needs to get 100%, and then the summary page where he finds out how he did.

Prior to taking the test, the user may or may not look at any items in modules 1-8.  Some of these items may include tests.

Our problem is that if any given SCO in any of the modules is not accessed, then when the rollup occurs, the higher level SCO gets marked as "Unknown" for both completion status and success status.  For example, if they look at SCO2A without looking at SCO 2B, then SCO 2 gets the statuses of "Unknown", and Module 1 is "Unknown" and the entire course is "Unknown".  We need to have the learner pass if he has completed all of the tests without regard to what he has done in Modules 1-8.  We have tried playing with the rollupObjectiveSatisfied and rollupProgressCompletion, but no luck so far.

Can anyone help?

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