Feedback/Non-weighted questions in Lectora



In previous versions of Lectora, they would add a series of feedback (non-weighted) questions to every CBT/Assessment. These questions would be recorded as such (no weight) in the SCORM integration tables.



Lectora 2008 now provides for feedback questions to included in a CBT regardless of whether the content includes an assessment. The question becomes, where (if at all) are these interaction stored? I cannot see any instance of them anywhere...



Looking at an example of a Lectora course, it looks like it is sending the survey data via the suspend data. We do not store data that is sent via the suspend data into our tables unless you have something written into you rollup registration to look for certain patterns of data. This is something that we generally do not do because not all content will behave the same way, but you are welcome to give it a shot.

All of your other interactions should be stored in the tables in the attached screenshot...

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