Tracking Progress in a SCORM Package

Is there an easy way to track progress in a SCORM package?
Progress, in SCORM, is a difficult thing, frankly.  There are many layers at which it can get confusing.
  • SCOs don't necessarily consist of screens, per se.
  • A SCO may report its location with a number, or a url, or any number of different things, none of which are comprehendible by the LMS.
  • A package can have many SCOs, each of a different size... how should they contribute to the overall progress?
So, if we're talking about handling "any random SCO/course", it is nearly impossible to properly express progress.
If we're talking about a set of SCOs that are consistent and controlled (say, the ones that you create), then it would be possible to add something custom to express that.  You could query the location in the ScormActivityRT table and compare it against a known value for number of screens and then use some logic for rollup of that progress across multiple SCOs.  This would work under a known scenario, but would not work generically.  It's also something that is not native to the SCORM Engine, because it has to be customized for each situation.
If you would like to see about doing custom work such as this, please let us know at
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    Andrew Smith

    I am in the process of launching a training course developed using Xerte that results in a single flash component that can be packaged and launched via the SCORM engine.  Everything works fine, but it would be great if we could track progress through the course (that has no tests) by simply providing a a simple script that would tell SCORM that 'I reached this page so am x % through the course' . Such a script could then be placed at end of units or at any random point in the structure. 

    Where could I find the specific values or optional variables that could be manipulated from the course content to give the impression that progress is being made?  I appreciate that there might be complex options and perhaps a variety of simple ones that I might  have to consider to find a solution in our situation, but at present I have no idea what is available or involved. 

    Does anyone, have any suggestions or ideas, even if not complete solutions?

    Kind regards


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    Prashant Misra

    Even I am in a similar situation, any help shall be appreciated. 

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    sarfaraz chohan

    Is there any possible way to track video duration and length in scorm file?

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    Joe Donnelly

    Hello Sarfaraz,

    Sorry for the delay the video a part of the SCORM file or the entire SCORM file? There is an estimated duration element that you can use in metadata but it applies to the entire file.

    [0:1]Represents the amount of time the learning object occupies when delivered at the intended speed. (Useful for assets like video files or audio clips.)
    [1]The duration type allows for a duration to be provided along with a textual description of the duration.

    Let me know if this helps.

    THank you,


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