Lesson Mode Indicates Final Status


In version 2007.1 and earlier, we made a design choice in the SCORM Engine to view the status type of 'failed' as a 'complete' with regard to the lesson_mode on the subsequent launch of the content. If you were to fail a piece of content in version 2007.1 or earlier, the engine would put your subsequent launch into 'review' mode. Review mode means the student has already seen the content and been graded. In our latest version, we elected to change how this is viewed. We now choose to stay in 'normal' mode. Normal mode indicates that the SCO should behave as designed for a student wanting to get credit. We made this change because the convention in the industry is to allow for retaking of courses after failure.

Each piece of content can choose whether it even uses the lesson_mode at all. This particular piece of content elects to check the mode upon re-entry and when it sees 'review', it assumes that the status that it currently has, is the 'final' status. That is why once you fail this course, it will remain failed.

We do have a few options to get around this.

1. You can upgrade to version 2008.1. I recognize that this may not be the best option considering you just upgraded to 2007.1 (or you may still be in the process), but it will insure that you have the latest code and we will support you along the way.

2. We can offer to patch the api.js file of the SCORM Engine in your current integration, but we can not certify it. We believe it would be fine, but making a change like that on the fly is always tough to verify.

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