Can I tell if my content bookmarks on import?


There's nothing we can tell at import in that regard. Specifically, all bookmarking concepts are handled at runtime and in whatever way the content wants. Most pieces of content would put that data in the cmi.location data model element, but bookmarking concepts could be accomplished in other ways as well (suspend_data). So, there simply isn't a way to be sure whether a not a course is bookmarking programmatically.

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    Dick, David

    I've just implimented a dual-factoring for bookmarks, as some of our courseware is quite large and students were frustrated with restarting if their connection went down. 


    Not only do we save the bookmark in the .location field, it is the first tid-bit of data that is in the suspend_data as well.  Upon (re)launch, if the two differ, the course rolls back to the earliest viable bookmark. (which COULD be the beginning as our suspend_data is saved every 5 minutes).  At the worst, the student loses 5 minutes of progress without restarting from the beginning..

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