How to send a unique AICC_SID on every launch


While some systems require AICC_SIDs to remain constant for a particular user/content pair for accounting or data storage purposes, other systems have a requirement that this AICC_SID changes on a per-launch basis.

The SCORM Engine stores a main AiccSessionId that is persisted for the lifetime of the registration.  However, this can be made unique on a per-launch basis by taking advantage of the fact that external configuration data can be appended to the end of this guid to create a long AICC_SID.  This can be accomplished by editing the integration's ExternalConfiguration class:


1. Add this to your MyLmsExternalConfiguration:

    public string LaunchToken = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();

2. Add this to MyLmsExternalConfiguration

        public override string PersistToMinimalStringForAicc()
            return "LaunchToken|" + LaunchToken;

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