How do I control if content opens in a new window or not?


By default, SCORM content with only one SCO and AICC content opens in a new window on top of the SCORM Player frame set. If you don't want that new window pop-up, then it is totally configurable for your integration.

There are several ways to configure it. If you always want all content to open in the frameset, the best thing is to add this override to your integration class.

public override LaunchType DefaultScoLaunchType(LearningStandard learningStandard, bool singleSco, ExternalConfiguration externalConfig)
        // if you don't want this default conditional here, you can remove it.
	if (singleSco || learningStandard.IsAICC())
		return new LaunchType(LaunchTypeValue.NEW_WINDOW);
		return new LaunchType(LaunchTypeValue.FRAMESET);

This will only affect new imports after the code is added, so you can simply change the ‘sco_launch_type’ column of the ScormPackageProperties table to ‘1’ for the row pertaining to the package.

Another way would be to implement our Package Properties editor (properties.aspx delivered as part of LmsComponents project) and use the GUI to edit that property via a drop down.

More package property overrides can be found here:

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