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I have a local primary objective mapped to a global shared objective with read/write. When the global objective is "satisfied" it seems as if a local success_status of "unknown" can't overwrite satisfied - is that correct behaviour? When I assign "failed" to the local success_status, it changes "satisfied" to "not satisfied" in the global objective, so the mapping must be OK.

This is a thorny issue that was hotly debated at the ADL Technical Working Group meetings that led to the creation of SCORM 2004 4th Edition.

One side felt that since the local status is "unknown", then well, we don't know anything about it and can't assert that as a new value to the global. Conceptually, something that is not known, can't take away the previous knowledge. (This was the default behavior in 3rd Edition and prior)

The other side felt the same confusion that you are seeing and contends that content should be able to set the status to whatever value it wants to. This side won and in 4th Edition, changing to an unknown value is permitted.

In the SCORM Engine, we have a package property setting that will allow you to change to using the 4th Edition behaviors. Simply change the drop down box in the package properties settings and the SCORM Engine should allow you to use unknown to overwrite the known status.

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