Reset Runtime Data Timing Package Property


For SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud users, we created the "Reset RunTime Data Timing" element so that if content does not set cmi.exit...then you can make it so the runtime data never gets reset... You can set this for SCORM Engine users in a couple of ways.

1. You can reference an external metadata file from the manifest to pass other attributes to the content. At the root of the manifest, you can reference the file and it will pass the specific option you want to the be used in the SCORMPackageProperties table of the SCORM Engine. If this is the option we use, I can show you which files you need and how to change the properties.

2. You can have your LMS Administrator change the option for this specific content in the SCORMPackageProperties manually. This is a fairly simple fix, BUT you will need to do it for each package that gets imported into eLogic.

3. If you want all of your content to have this attribute, you can have your LMS Administrator use an override method that sets the default for this element to 'Never'. Every piece of content that is imported into the LMS will have this default...


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