Modifying Package Properties Using Manifest Extensions


Package Properties control how the SCORM Engine delivers a particular piece of content. You can specify how the content is launched, the navigation options available to the user, and the behavior and appearance of the content being delivered. SCORM Engine Package Properties can be controlled in a number of ways. Each implementation has defaults, some have an exposed UI, and others simply offer this control via imsmanifest extensions.  I have attached a package to this post that will serve as an example of how to modify package properties with manifest extensions.

Manifest Extensions can be used to "override" the default launch properties that are used by the SCORM Engine.For example, the metadata in this file will launch the course into full screen mode instead of the default screen width and height.  Inside the package, I have attached a few screenshots and a word document that will give you a brief overview of what your package should look like and how to reference the metadata file in your imsmanifest....

1.  SCORM Engine Metadata Extensions.doc - Gives a brief overview of how to use metadata extensions and describes each element you can modify...
2.  Package_Overview.jpg - A screenshot with the additional files highlighted...HSTMConfiguration.xsd, HSTMConfiguration.xsx, and course_metadata.xml....
3.  imsmanifest_screenshot.jpg - A screenshot of how to reference the course_metadata.xml file from the imsmanifest.

For future reference, you can take a look at the course_metadata.xml file to see all of the different elements you can modify and use SCORM Cloud to test your
content to make sure that it is behaving as you would like it to.

If you have any another questions, please feel free to email me at or call me at 615-550-9530.



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