SCORM Engine 2013.1 supports xAPI Version 1.0 and more...


The xAPI Version 1.0 of the spec is now live and SCORM Engine 2013.1 has it!

SCORM Engine 2013.1 provides xAPI support to

  • Import, play and track xAPI activities
  • Receive xAPI statements to your locally installed LRS
  • Convert SCORM/AICC registration data to xAPI statements
  • Backward compatibility for xAPI .90 andxAPI .95 

Along with xAPI 1.0 support, SCORM Engine 2013.1 also includes:


  • An offline/mobile API exposed which contains libraries in Objective-C and Java as well as a server-side component for compatibility with our offline/mobile SDK and iOS and Android Apps 
  • Internet Explorer Compatibility Property options for cases where content which does not work properly in the latest standards mode of IE. The new package property for IE Compatibility  can be accessed via the Package Properties Editor or set through an integration method.  

Other fixes included in the 2013.1 Engine release:

  • Upgraded third-party javascript libraries, including jQuery and Sarissa to latest versions to stay current with browser compatibility.

  • Handle long AU titles for AICC by truncating to 200 chars.

  • Improved performance where global objectives are broadly used.

  • Fixed handling of non-print characters in suspend_data.

  • Console improvements including the complete utilization of external configuration.

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