SCORM Engine 2012.2 Released!


SCORM Engine 2012.2.0.1 is available.  If you are interested in upgrading, please contact us at


Notable New Features


xAPI API 0.95

Version 0.95 of the xAPI specification has been implemented within the SCORM Engine. If you are not familiar with the xAPI, please visit

Concurrent Launch Detection

Concurrent launches of SCORM Engine registration can result in two windows actively playing the same content. This can result in the loss of data if a window with less progress overwrites the status of a window with more progress. SCORM Engine 2012.2 has introduced concurrent launch detection for SCORM content which will issue a warning message if there already appears to be an active window playing the registration. If the user chooses to continue despite the warning, the original launch will be prevented from saving any additional data. Note that this feature is only available if the audit (basic) level of launch history logging is enabled, which it is by default and configurable via package properties.


Error Fixes

  • SCORM Engine Console will now detect integrations that must have &package sent on launch string and present urls with this parameter in place.
  • Upgraded to JSON.NET 3.5 to fix library ambiguity caused by additional libraries included in older JSON.NET library which are now core .NET classes.
  • DDL is now replayable without producing errors.
  • New Java web services for retrieving and deleting full registration data.
  • External Configuration data is now sent by default on the AICC Session ID, making it available to Integration.GetConnectionString(). This behavior is configurable.
  • Fixed launch history deadlock errors.
  • Multiple improvements to xAPI statement handling.
  • Fixed double-writes to launch history logs for AICC.
  • And other minor internal changes and unit tests...
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