SCORM Engine- Recommended System Requirements


SCORM Engine Version: 2013.1

Last Updated: July 2013


The SCORM Engine is designed to be deployed in a wide variety of configurations. Listed below are the basic requirements for using the SCORM Engine.

A web server capable of running server-side code. Currently we support:

  • Microsoft IIS – must be configured to run ASP.NET using the .NET runtime version 3.5 or higher
  • A Java application server (such as Apache Tomcat, WebSphere®, JBoss® and WebLogic®) running J2EE 1.4 or higher with J2SE 5.0.

A relational database. Currently we support:

  1. SQL Server 2005 and higher

  2. Oracle 10g and higher

  3. MySQL 5 and higher

  4. Postgres 8.4 and higher

  5. No database, simply persist information in XML files (not recommended for production web environments)

A computer – Your hardware requirements will vary greatly depending on many factors, most notably your expected user base and configuration from above. In our development environment, we have tested on the following “minimum” system and the SCORM Engine behaves normally under small load. See this document for information on scalability.

  1. Windows 2000 Server SP 4

  2. Intel Pentium 4 1.8Ghz CPU

  3. 256 MB RAM

  4. 30 GB Hard drive

For development and integration, it is often necessary to be able to view and modify source code.

When working with .Net it is helpful to have Visual Studio.Net 2005 installed (with SP1 and the web application project type enabled).

When working with Java, it is helpful to have Eclipse 3.2.2 or higher. Should you not have access to these tools, our consultants can usually create any necessary code on their computers.

Other helpful items

  1. Administrative access to the servers is often quite helpful in resolving any permissions related issues after deployment

  2. For remote installations (or for technical support after an onsite installation), access to screen sharing software greatly simplifies matters. Rustici Software can provide this software, however, for it to be useful, we need to ensure that your firewall allows it to operate.


On the client side, all that is required is a web browser. The SCORM Engine supports all modern web browsers and we constantly strive to stay up to date with new browser versions. No plug-ins are needed, nor is Java support required. When using Microsoft Internet Explorer before IE 7, ActiveX controls need to be enabled to facilitate the user of the XmlHttp object. Note, the XmlHttp object is not an custom ActiveX control, but rather an object built into all modern browsers.

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