Grabbing Multiple Scoring Objects from SCORM 1.2 Multi-Sco Courses



I am able to pull time spent and scores from my SCORM 2004 courses that have multiple test scores. Can I do something similar with my SCORM 1.2 courses?


In the SCORM Engine, we do store runtime data in a way that you can pull that information by placing some code in your rollup registration method. Something like this should help out:

Activity[] activities = reg.Activities;
foreach (Activity activity in activities)
//Aggregates have null runtimes, we only care about SCos with scores?
if(activity.RunTime != null ) { bool completed = activity.IsCompleted();
bool satisfied = activity.IsSatisfied();
Success aSuccess = (activity.GetPrimaryObjective().ProgressStatus ? (activity.IsSatisfied() ?
Success.PASSED : Success.FAILED) : Success.UNKNOWN);
Completion aCompletion = (activity.GetPrimaryObjective().CompletionStatus ?
(activity.IsCompleted() ? Completion.COMPLETE : Completion.INCOMPLETE) :
Completion.UNKNOWN); ;

double aScore = activity.GetPrimaryObjective().NormalizedMeasure;
LogAudit("TJS - TEST " +completed + " " + satisfied+ " " +aSuccess+ " " +aCompletion+ " " +aScore, externalConfig); } }

As always, let us know at if have questions about your specific integration.

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