Collecting scormdata to a Sharepointlist


We want to play scormobjects and collect the user inputs to a Sharepoint list? Is that possible?

We are an University College whith 25.000 students, and we have a Sharepointinstallation for them.




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    Hi Tim,

    I am trying to link SCORM cloud with our current SharePoint 2010. Can you walk me through the steps to accomplish this. We'd like to avoid using the SLK, and plan to use SCORM Cloud's reporting features instead. 



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    Tim Martin


    There are a couple of different ways that you might pursue this. One is that Sharepoint offers something called the SLK (Sharepoint Learning Kit) which includes SCORM support of some quality. (I haven't heard great things about that SCORM player, but I have not experimented with it myself.) That's likely a no cost solution because it may well be included with your Sharepoint installation. Keep in mind, though, that SCORM can require a great deal more effort if you don't have a quality SCORM player.

    Option two would be to build an integration between Sharepoint and one of our products (SCORM Engine or SCORM Cloud's API). Either one would allow you to import, launch, and track learners who take SCORM content in the context of Sharepoint. I'd be happy to walk you through that process if you're interested. Simply email me at and we can talk through it in more detail. (Or, if you prefer, we can continue the conversation here.)

    Thanks for checking us out.

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    Fast forward now to 2019. :) Is there a white paper or information on integrating SCORM cloud with Office365/SharePoint?

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    Ryan Donnelly

    Hi Robert!
    Thanks for the comment. Tim's response back in 2016 is still the path forward. We offer both Rustici Engine and the SCORM Cloud API as options to integrate with Sharepoint. If you would like more information on these options, please send a message to and we'll be happy to assist.


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