Open Source Components in the SCORM Engine


Since the SCORM Engine is embedded into our clients' applications, we often get questions about our use of open source software within the SCORM Engine. Our policy is to take advantage of open source components when they are reliable and available, but only when they are licensed in a commercially friendly manner. 

One of our clients funded an audit of the SCORM Engine code by Blackduck (a company that specializes in discovering the use of open source software). We're sharing those results here for other clients who want to know exactly what components are being used and how they are licensed.

The report lists all of the open source components we are using along with their licenses. You will notice that there are some licenses highlighted that are not deemed commercially friendly. We do not believe any of them pose concern. The conflicts mostly relate to components that are dual-licensed or components that are only used in our build scripts and are not redistributed.

We have attached full discussion of these flagged conflicts so you can make your own determination. 

Note: This audit was conducted against the Java version of the SCORM Engine using our 2009.1 release. We have since released v2010.1 and 2011.1. No new open source components were introduced in these releases. (Aug 25, 2011)

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