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Starting with SCORM Engine v.2011.1 a special URL is now available for aggregating information about a specific course/registration for support purposes. It's located at <scorm engine root>/SupportPackager.aspx or if Java <scorm engine root>/SupportPackager.jsp.

Why is this needed?
So often when contacting internal support or Rustici Software the first few interactions are all about gathering documentation and debug data.  The goal here is to streamline that process so we can get the bulk of relevant information from the start.

What is in a support package .zip?

  •     Activity Report - A snapshot of registration data (SCORM state) from the SCORM Engine database.
  •     Package Properties - Configurable properties that define compatibility settings and other options that are useful to know when debugging.
  •     Parser Warnings - Any abnormalities detected in the SCORM Manifest.
  •     Launch History - A record of of each launch of the registration, including SCORM Runtime calls.
  •     SCORM Manifest - the imsmanifest.xml file for the course.
  •     SCORM PIF (optional) - The entire .zip of the SCORM package for recreation purposes.

Is this tool meant for Rustici Software only or can LMS vendors use it for support desk purposes?
The support package can be of great value in support desk situations.  Only when Rustici Software's own support is needed do you have to send the package to Rustici Software support.

How is the Support Packager accessed?
Simply go to the url <scorm engine root>/SupportPackager.aspx (or .jsp) and you will be presented with a form.  At present you can also access this page through the SCORM Engine client side debug log.  In the upper right corner there is a "save debug log" link.  By clicking on that you will then be shown another url to create a support package.  That link will send you to SupportPackager.aspx (.jsp) with the regisration and debug log fields pre-populated.

We have a course that fails to complete under a certain situation and I needed Rustici Software's support.  What should I do?
This is going to be one of the most common uses for the tool.  Simply go to the Support Packager url and fill it out (select "Create new Zendesk ticket") then click "Send Package to Rustici Support".  If you have a local debug log or have recreated this on please include the debug log link.

I don't want to allow just anybody to send tickets to Rustici Software.  What can I do?
In your SCORM Engine settings file, define a key named "SupportPackagerSendKey".  The value for this is essentially a password.  If the value is empty, anybody can send a open a ticket with Rustici Software.  If you define a value like "mypass" you will need to add this query string to be able to submit to rustici software: SupportPackager.aspx?config=mypass.

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