Introducing PENS: one-click publishing from authoring tool to LMS.


In the past, publishing content to an LMS meant going through a multi-step process of importing content. With PENS (Package Exchange Notification Services) you can publish directly from an authoring tool to an LMS with one click.

SCORM Engine 2010 (and later) customers who have support for SCORM 2004 already have PENS baked in. If you're an Engine customer and you want to learn how to start using PENS, click here. If you need to upgrade from an older version of Engine, just let us know.

To learn more about PENS, visit our PENS page.

We've also put PENS in SCORM Cloud so you can publish directly from your authoring tool to SCORM Cloud with one click. This is a great way to make sure that your authoring tool is conformant and ready to work with PENS enabled LMS's. Learn more about PENS in SCORM Cloud here.

You know we love to talk to you, so if you have any questions about PENS, call or email us.

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