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We’d like to get an idea of the data that will be accessible to us before, during, and after a student “take” (student progress so far, % remaining, grade, time remaining, etc). Where do I find or can you supply a list of the content that will be available to us?



What is available to you is going to be dependent upon what is sent by the course itself. What we call the “Big 4” should be available to you almost every time. We are referring to score, completion status, success status, and time spent.

That information should be available to you via the GetRegistration function that lives in the SCORMEngineManager and returns a Registration object with every bit of data we have for that particular Registration. Due to GetRegistration being a potentially expensive operation processor-wise, we suggest that you create the Registration object in your RollupRegistrationOnExit integration method which is called just once per launch when the learner exits the course.

If you want to get a good idea of what a particular course is sending, you can run the course through SCORM Cloud. It is our “free-to-use” sandbox for testing SCORM content to see how it would behave in a SCORM compliant LMS. Once you upload and take your course, you should see the first bit of data in the Course Status section. If you are looking to go a little deeper, check out the View Detailed Report section…it will house everything the course is sending over.

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