How is total time tracked?


We are writing a custom report for a client who wishes to see the total time students spend in a SCORM course. We are using the Total_Time_Tracked field in ScormActivityRT and wanted to confirm that was the correct field and confirm how the calculation should be to translate this value into minutes. I tested the table values this morning by launching a SCORM course and exiting three separate times. The first time I was in the course for approximately 3 minutes, the second time just over 1 minute, and the third time just over 14 minutes. In the SCORMLaunchHistory table, I saw three records which matched my recording of in and out of the course in the launch time and exit time.

LaunchID Registration ID Launch Time Exit Time Completion Satisfaction Measure Status Normalized Measure Duration Tracked

1185 6314 8:44:28 AM 8:46:53 AM incomplete unknown 0 0 13799

1186 6314 8:47:49 AM 8:49:06 AM incomplete unknown 0 0 21244

1187 6314 8:49:23 AM 9:03:56 AM incomplete failed 1 0.6 108377


The last record has a value of 108377 in the duration tracked column which matches the Total_Time_Tracked in the SCORMActivityRT table. Manually using the launch and exit times, I calculate that I was in the course for 18 minutes and 1 second. Which is very close to the approximate time I tracked manually with a stop watch.

Can you please confirm this is the correct value and how to translate this value to minutes?

--That Duration Tracked column is the cumulative time tracked by SCORM Engine, it is in hundredths of a second. So 108377 / 100 = 1084s. 1084 / 60 = 18 minutes and 4 seconds.

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