Total_Time and Total_Time_Tracked


We are working in a report for one of our clients and I need to know the 
time spent for someone in a course. I found Total_time and total_time_tracked in the scorm_activityRT table.

 Is this where I can find what I need and if so, if that number stored as hours, minutes, seconds etc..

--These times are in hundredths of a second. total_time is the time as reported by the SCO, total_time_tracked is a cumulative time recorded by the SCORM Engine from launch to exit of that SCO.

In 2009.1 we also support activity_exp_dur_reported and activity_exp_dur_tracked on ScormActivity for registrations created. These are rolled up, so can be read off the root activity.  I have also attached the data dictionary to this post for more information.

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