Modifying your 2009.x Integration Script


We had a client having difficulties modifying their integration scripts.  They had done this in SCORM Engine 2007.2, but did not notice any issues.

 They were trying to create a new 2009.1 SQL 2008 database by following the steps below:


1. Run 1-2009.1_SQLSERVER_SCORMENGINE.sql.


 They discovered that some of their custom fields were added to a couple of the core Scorm tables.

Also, the scripts for creating and updating the DB do not match - may be 
by design but, I'm confused.

 --The default values are necessary in the upgrade script because we are adding (non-NULL) columns to existing tables and we need to provide a default for the rows that are already in the tables. We don't need those defaults during normal operation of SCORM Engine because it will always provide appropriate values.

You are correct that for a fresh install you should run 1-2009.1_SQLSERVER_SCORMENGINE.sql followed by your INTEGRATION DDL. this adds your package and registration keys and a uniqueness constraint to the ScormPackage and ScormRegistration tables respectively. 

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