Tracking Individual Session Times in the SCORM Engine


I see that the ScormActivityRT table will track the actual time spent in the course in the total_time column and that the last time the course was exited is tracked in the update_dt column. While the total_time column is helpful, is there anywhere that tracks the individual sessions that a course is accessed? After playing around with the way the tables are populated/updated, it looks as though the ScormActivityRT table only captures total time and the last time the course was exited/completed. What about if a user accesses a Presentation multiple times before completing it and those sessions were on completely different days? Is there a way to tell when the individual session took place? Perhaps a start date or just an individual record for each time the presentation is accessed instead of one record that is updated at the end of each session?


-SCORM Engine version 2009.1 includes the often requested new capability of logging a user's attempts on a course in detail (this feature is unique to the SCORM Engine, not SCORM 2004 4th Edition). Every launch of an activity is tracked and the user's progress through the course can be easily viewed in our narrative attempt history report. Furthermore, it is now possible to get very accurate measures of the total time that a user spent in each section of the course, measured both as calendar time (the date when the activity was started to the date when the activity was ended) and as actual experienced time (the total number of minutes that the user was actually interacting with the activity).

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