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What exactly is the significance of IsThereDirtyData and the other Control Commands such as GetXmlForDirty Data that are called after Commit?


This question refers to a couple of lines from the "control" elements in our debug logs.  By default in SCORM Cloud, this level of debugging is turned off, but it can be easily enabled.  If it's on, it looks something like this...


The two elements (IsThereDirtyData and GetXmlForDirtyData) relate specifically to our javascript architecture.  Basically, we're managing this full set of data in the browser.  Periodically, we need to be sure this data is making it down from the browser to the server, where it's persisted in a relational database (typically).  

So, if you see these elements in the control debug logs, know that you're seeing the SCORM Engine's efforts to...


  1. Check for any changed or "dirty" data
  2. Persist this data to the server using XMLHTTP 


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