What SCORM version is the course using?


When a course is running in the SCORM Engine, people often want to know what version of SCORM the course is using. Depending on the version of the SCORM Engine, the SCORM version information will show up in different places. Here are some ways to tell starting with the easiest and more direct and moving on to the more complicated.

1. Look in the debug log

In v2009.1 of the SCORM Engine we include the SCORM version directly in the SCORM Engine debug information. Simply open up the debug logs by pressing '?' five times and look at the course information node under the Activity Data section.


2. Look at clues in the Package Properties editor

Each SCORM version has a different set of package properties that apply to it. In a SCORM 1.2 course, the package properties editor will show tabs for "Rudimentary Rollup" and "Rudimentary Sequencing" and the "Compatibility Settings" tab will look like this;


In SCORM 2004, the "Rudimentary" tabs will be missing and the "Compatibility Settings" tab will look like this (notice the setting that indicates the current SCORM 2004 Edition being used).



3. Look in the player source

In your browser, select View->Source to give you the HTML source code for the player frameset. Search for "new Package". Right below that line will be a parameter indicating the SCORM version in use. If the value is simply "SCORM 2004", that indicates SCORM 2004 3rd Edition.


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