Rudimentary Sequencing - What does Display Message Display?


I had a great question from a client earlier in the week...

"In the current version and next version of the engine, there is a Rudimentary Sequencing area.  Under that option, there is a Normal drop down list for both the Intermediate SCO and Final SCO.  In the drop down list, there is a “display message” option.  Your help guide states that when this option is selected “The SCORM Player will determine what message to display based on the current state of the player.”  In the user guide we are writing for our application, I was hoping to be more specific on what the potential messages and potential player states are.  Do you have a list?"


Absolutely!  Here you are:

If the course is satisfied - "The course is now complete. Please make a selection to continue."
If the course is not satisfied = "Please make a selection to continue."


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