Can I disable my back button?


Client Question:  We have a problem where we are launching courses in a frameset and the users are potentially able to click on the ‘Back’ button in the browser and cause the course to exit abnormally. We cannot then track the result of the course.

Do you know of any functionality in the SCORM Engine that would help us with this ? Or any other solution ?


We have the player launch type of "new window without browser toolbar" that removes the back button. This change can be made individually in the database by changing the player_launch_type or we can make this the default for all imported courses by using a method override. Other than that, there really are not a lot of options. Whatever data is stored by the course should still be captured if the user exits with the back button. We could possibly add something in your skin that does one of those tricky history manipulation things that just reloads the current page when back is pressed, but users typically don't like that very much. It's one of those tricks that advertising-spam sites use to prevent you from leaving so they can give you 600 more pop up ads. It could be viable in this situation though.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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