RunTime.Comments Question


Is RunTime.Comments a superset of RunTime.CommentsFromLMS, or will they contain mutually exclusive comments?

This seems obvious, but I want to make sure; does ActivityRunTimeInteraction.Id uniquely identify an interaction for a given ScormActivityId?


RunTime.Comments - this space holds comments from a student as
  they take the SCO if the content allows.
  RunTime.CommentsFromLMS - this is a space where an instructor or
  LMS can add notes for the student and the SCO can access this
  space to display it to the user if they choose.

  Both of these things are 100% controlled and manipulated by the

  You are correct that the ActivityRunTimeInteraction.Id is the
  external id for the interaction as designated by the course
  content. This should be unique within the SCO.

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