How can I go back to the last visited SCO in my course?


Question:  Our courses are build with multiple pages and their own navigation all in one single SCO. We save detailed progress information in "cmi.suspend_data" and let the user go back to the last visited page when he returns to the course/SCO.

We now want to split the course in several SCOs. But how can we let the user go back to the last visited page in the last visited SCO of the course? Support for SCORM 2004 is a must, Support for SCORM 1.2 would be nice.

As far as I understand the standard there is no way to store the last visited SCO for a complete course and there is no way to go to a specific SCO. Is this correct? How do you solve this typical customer request?


Answer:  Sorry for the delay, The answer is that it is up to the LMS to determine which SCO to resume from. In 2004, if you issue a 'suspend all' request when exiting, then the next launch will go to the SCO that was active when that request was issued. In SCORM 1.2 it's a bit of a crap shoot. The algorithm we use is to go to the first incomplete SCO.


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