Client-side SCORM Engine Log and Debugging


How do I view the client side (browser) SCORM Engine log and debug data?

If the course structure (table of contents) is visible on the left, put the cursor in there. If the courseware is launched in a secondary window, as is typical with a single SCO course, you'll need to put your cursor in the main frame of the initial window (behind the courseware popup window) – this will likely say "Your course has launched in a new window" or similar.

Now, simply type "?????" - five question marks in a row. This key sequence will trigger the debug window to pop open.
How can I dynamically change the debug level to turn on/off runtime/sequencing/control logging?

Put the cursor in the same location as above and type FOUR question marks followed by a number. The number is a debug level which is cumulative (includes all previous debug levels)

1 = Control Logging - High Level
2 = Control Logging - Details
3 = Runtime Logging - High Level
4 = Runtime Logging - Details
5 = Sequencer Logging - High Level
6 = Sequencer Logging - Details
7 = Lookahead Sequencer Logging - High Level
8 = Lookahead Sequencer Logging - Details

ex: typing "????2" will set the debugger to Level 2
What's logged in the different categories?

Control - Internal SCORM Engine processing, including the runtime data update process with the central server
Runtime - Includes all of the explicit SCORM API calls made by the courseware
Sequencer - Related primarily to SCORM 2004, this category includes the decision flow used in the sequencing process
Lookahead Sequencer - Same as the normal Sequencer but used to determine what buttons/options should be available based on the current state
So what are the most common levels?

* If you're not interested in what the content is doing and just need to debug a "communicaion error", use level 2
* If you are debugging content and need to see exactly what is being done through the SCORM API, use level 4
* If you are debugging SCORM 2004 content, use level 6

What is the default debugging level?

The default debugging options are actually individual package properties associated with the course. However, these values are typically initialized from a set of debugger settings in the SCORMEngineSettings.config or web.config.

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