SCORMEngineSettings.config File Overview


This configuration file should be placed in the parent directory of SCORM Engine web applications. Each web application contains
a web.config file. The application settings defined in the SCORMEngineSettings.config file can alternatively be defined
directly in each web.config. Note how the web.config files by default point to the external ..\SCORMEngineSettings.conf file.
The primary reason for a single external place for app settings is that they only have to be defined in one place. The tradeoff
is that the WWW Publishing Service has to be restarted each time a SCORMEngineSettings.config change is made in order for it to
get picked up. If the settings are moved directly to each of the individual web.config files changes are picked up immediately
without any restart.

This configuration file contains the database connection string, urls for locating the central and remote webapps, the
directories used for uploading and deploying scorm courses (these are used by the import code we implemented). Also
debugging levels can be controlled from this file.

These settings will need to be correctly configured when you set up a new instance of the scorm engine.

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