Changing the Return to LMS Link


Our clients have access to change a good portion of the UI in the SCORM Engine.

In [Cient_Name]ScormPlayer/WebContent there are a bunch of ui files. You can change these as you wish and when we upgrade your site we will take care to preserve your changes.

The ‘Return to LMS’ text is defined in top.jsp:

String menu_ReturnToLMS = Integration.getImplementation().GetString("Return to LMS", externalConfig, (Object[]) null).toUpperCase();

(The integration method possibly translates the string via a resource file). So, you have a number of options:

* String menu_ReturnToLMS = “GO HOME”;

* String menu_ReturnToLMS = Integration.getImplementation().GetString(“GO HOME”, externalConfig, (Object[]) null).toUpperCase(); (If the string isn’t in the resource file then it is returned).

* Or, you could special case GetString(..) in your integration to return “Go Home” if “Return to LMS” is passed in. The advantage of this is that you wouldn’t have to touch any of the files in CallSourceScormPlayer. This might be worthwhile if you only need to make a few changes.


***Please note that you may need to compile and re-deploy your application for these changes to take effect.

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