Using the RegistrationInfo Object to get Detailed Reporting Information


We don't recommend that clients trawl our database tables directly to get detailed report information about the status of registrations. These tables are not optimized for reporting, and are likely to change when we release new versions of the Scorm Engine.

We have a reporting object to make traversing the raw table data easier.

The data is all available through a RegistrationInfo object, see RusticiSoftware.ScormContentPlayer.Logic/

Given a user's ExternalRegistrationId, we can get their RegistrationInfo object like this (untested):

import RusticiSoftware.ScormContentPlayer.Logic;
import RusticiSoftware.ScormContentPlayer.CLIENTIntegration;

CLIENTExternalConfiguration externalConfig = new CLIENTExternalConfiguration()

CLIENTExternalRegistrationId externalRegId = new CLIENTExternalRegistrationId();

externalRegId.regKeyOne = .....;
externalRegId.regKeyTwo = .....;

string regId = Integration.getImplementation().GetScormRegistrationIdFromExternalRegistrationId(externalRegId, externalConfig);

RegistrationInfo regInfo = RegistrationInfo.FindByRegistrationId(regId, externalConfig)

There are other static methods (FindByRegistrationIds, FindByPackageId) in RegistrationInfo to get a bunch of RegistrationInfo objects at once.

Let us know if you have questions about the structure of RegistrationInfo, but once you have one you can probably scout around inside and see where all the data is held.

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