Using the '&Tracking=False' Querystring in your Launch URL


On the page where you write out the course launch URL, you will  need to determine, from your database, whether the course registration has been completed. If so,you can add another query string, "&tracking=false", to the launch url;

&tracking=false - This will launch the course as usual but will stop the course from pushing state updates back to the server so the saved server state will never change.

&forceReview=true - This can optionally be used to force a built-in SCORM parameter to say it's in "review" mode. The truth is, this is just an API value that is available to courses but rarely utilize. A course could use this value to conditionally run the course in different ways. In practice, it's not used very often but could be worth experimenting with.

Another option would be to add an additional parameter to the external config, like "isReview". If that is done we can run the course as usual and save state as usual, but in the Rollup method we could stop updates back to your system if "isReview". This config parameter would need to be set when you construct your launch URL depending on whether or not the course has been completed.

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