ActivityObjective.GetNormalizedMeasure called with no parameters (SCORM Engine 2006.x)


The issue is that prior to release 2007.1, the ActivityObjective.GetNormalizedMeasure() method could be called without any parameters. With 2007.1+ and the SCORM 2004 3rd Ed. Changes it brought on, we now require a couple parameters to be passed into this method.

There is a single javascript integration file. For the most part, we don't like to require changes to this file for new releases. However, for customers upgrading to 2007.1+ from an earlier version we need to pass in GetNormalizedMeasure(null, false) into this call.

The line that needs to change in their *integration.js file will look something like this if not identical:

statusTitle += ", Score: " + activity.GetPrimaryObjective().GetNormalizedMeasure(null, false);

Clients need to look for all places GetNormalizeMeasure() is called in this js file and add the two parameters. It's likely two places --

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