What is "CMI"?


>What is CMI? Is it independent of SCORM? Meaning, does it apply to all elearning or is it specific to AICC or SCORM?

"CMI" stands for "computer managed instruction". In that context, CMI is a broad term that can refer to any form of computer based learning. In the AICC/SCORM world, CMI has a more specific meaning. SCORM is a reference model and one of the specifications it references is AICC. Specifically, the data model used to describe SCORM data ("cmi.success_status", "cmi.score.raw", etc) is derrived from the AICC specification. This data model is called the "CMI data model".

In practice, you can think of the CMI data model as the data that is exchanged in SCORM and AICC. In the technical standards world however, the CMI data model is actually its own standard that is theoretically independent of SCORM and AICC. The IEEE LTSC has created a standard called "1484.11.1-2004 IEEE Standard for Learning Technology-Data Model for Content Object Communication", which formally codifies the CMI data model. There is talk of formally harmonized the SCORM, AICC and IEEE versions of the CMI data model in the near future.

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