AICC - Compliance Versions/Levels


For AICC we support 'level 1' only, which leaves out student data and student preferences.

The SCORM Engine (and SCORM Cloud)  supports versions 2.2 and 3.5/4.0 HACP (not API) communication.

Some Specifics about the Data Elements we support:

In addition to PutParam, GetParam, and ExitAu we support PutInteractions and PutObjectives, but not PutComments, PutPerformance, or PutPath.

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    Lawren Benoit

    Hi Joe,

    With respect to the current version of the SCORM Engine, are the other levels of AICC (2-4) supported now as well? Let me know, thanks. 

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    Joe Donnelly

    Hey Lawren, 

    Thank you for your message.  As of right now, we still support the same level of AICC.  Most of the standards changes in the latest version of the SCORM Engine have to do with the addition of the xAPI.

    Thank you,


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