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I am trying to implement a menu SCO as described in this article:

My first step is to take the example and run it in Blackboard 9.1sp7. The problem I had is that the individual items are showing as incomplete in the gradebook.

So I tried the package in SCORM Cloud. Here I could see the problem a little clearer. When I set an item to completed and exit back to the menu sco, the SCORM Cloud menu shows the sco as completed and passed for a split second, and then immediately reverts back to "not started". 

Can anybody suggest what might be going on here? My thoughts were maybe the menu sco was resetting the completion of all the item scos to "unknown" when it loaded, but I can;t seem to find anything that would do that. In the log, the only mention of completion status is below:

- [10:56:13.632] SetValue('cmi.completion_status', 'completed') returned 'true' in 0 seconds

[10:56:13.632] CheckForSetValueError (cmi.completion_status, completed, cmi.completion_status, , )
[10:56:13.632] Element is: completion_status
[10:56:13.632] Call is error free.
[10:56:13.632] StoreValue (cmi.completion_status, completed, cmi.completion_status, , )
[10:56:13.632] Element is: completion_status
In the activity data, the runtime data shows Completion Status = completed but the tracking data has :
Activity Progress Status = true
Attempt Count = 1
Attempt Progress Status = false
Attempt Completion Amount Status = unknown
Attempt Completion Amount = 0
Attempt Completion Status = false
Previous Attempt Progress Status = false
Previous Attempt Completion Status = false
Active = false
Suspended = false
Is an Available Child of Parent = true
Ordinal = 6
Does this 'Attempt Completion Amount Status = unknown' mean anything important?
I'd be very grateful for any help.
Andrew Downes
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