SCORM 1.2 Test Suite Error


It is common when running content through the SCORM 1.2 Conformance Test Suite (CTS) to get an error saying that the manifest or metadata is not valid. The error might look something like this:

Summary Log:

Meta-Data Test Conformance Summary
Meta-data is well-formed
ERROR: Meta-data is not valid against the Schema
ERROR: The Meta-data is Non-Conformant


Detail Log:

ERROR: Parser error on line 2: General Schema Error: Can't get back Schema document's root element :ScormEnginePackageProperties.xsd.
ERROR: Meta-data is not valid against the Schema

This error is the result of not having the SCORM XSD files on the desktop of the machine running the test suite. Due to an odd quirk of the Java version that the Test Suite runs in, it is not enough for the XSD files to be in the ZIP file with the content, they must also be placed on the desktop to correctly validate. 

I was recently reminded of this error when attempting to validate a package that uses our SCORM Engine Package Property metadata extensions. I had long ago put the standard SCORM XSD files on the desktop of my CTS virtual machine. However, when using extensions, ALL XSD files must be on the desktop. 

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