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I'm trying to build a course with the SCORM 1.2 max_time_allowed and time_limit_action set, but when the time limit is reached nothing happens. I can see the values in the javascript API, so manifest is working fine.

Should this be managed by the LMS or the SCO itself? The tests were made on both Moodle 2 and Docebo with courses published in Adobe Presenter, Articulate Presenter and Lectora, but none of them seems to work... any ideas?

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    Mike Rustici


    The time limit values are set in the manifest, but it is up to the SCO to read them at runtime (via cmi.max_time_allowed and cmi.time_limit_action) and then choose to do something based on them. Unless the SCO has implemented that functionality, nothing will happen. To my knowledge, the authoring tools you mention don't make use of time limit functionality (at least via SCORM).

    The intent of putting these values in the manifest is to allow the time allowed to vary for different audiences for the content. The reason it is up to the SCO to determine when the time has been exceeded is that the SCO is the only thing that can judge how long the user has really interacted with the content. For instance, the LMS knows how long the SCO has been launched for, but the SCO can detect whether the user is actively clicking around and this participating vs just just leaving the browser window open.


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    Thank you Mike! Those programs actually have a time limit option in the publishing preferences, but maybe it is not correctly implemented - in debugging mode I don't see any LMSGetValue call for such values.

    I think I'm going to implement it from scratch in a custom package.

    Thanks again,


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