Solution for Captivate Courses that complete before course loads...



The SCORM standard requires a SCORM player to assume content will not be reporting completion status until the content sets the status to incomplete. So the best practice for content providers is to immediately set the status to incomplete. Unfortunately, Captivate didn’t follow that best practice. It waits until the embedded SWF file starts playing and then it sets the status to incomplete. This causes a completion if you exit the content prior to the SWF there a way around this?



One of our clients passed this along to us...We were able to correct Captivate to follow the best practice by modifying the HTML file that it generates. We added a line between line 103 in the image below. This line sets the lesson status to incomplete immediately after initialization instead of waiting for the SWF file to load.




You can edit the HTML files already published from your Captivate movies, or you can republish them using the attached Captivate template which we have customized. The attached file Custom.htm, can be saved to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 4\Templates\Publish\SCORM\1_2\Custom.htm and then selected on this screen during the publishing process.


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