Converting SCORM 1.2 to SCORM 2004


I have a number of SCORM 1.2 objects that I'd like to convert to SCORM 2004 (and possibly Common Cartridge after that). 

I've seen two options - the scorm wrapper found here:

...and the JISC transcoder here:


Are either of these the best option, or does have other tools they'd recommend? (The SCOs themselves are fairly small and not too complex.)

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    John Mensel


    A little bird tells me that you've had great success with the jisc transcoder.  Truth be told, I have heard little to nothing about either one.  I'm glad that your experiences thus far with the second option have been good.  If that changes, let us know.



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    Hi Tim,

    We were playing with the JISC transcoder yesterday, and it seems to be working a treat (full conformance testing notwithstanding). 

    The transcoder lives here:

    It's very straightforward: You upload a sco, choose what to convert it to (IMS Common Cartridge 1.0, SCORM 2004, IMS CP 1.1.4), and download the converted sco.

    At the moment, no bulk upload is available, and it won't convert to SCORM 1.2. But it seems pretty good so far!

    The JISC is a UK government body (, so most of their work (including this) is free to use :) 


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