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I have a question regarding the writeCompletionStatus attribute of a MapInfo (in the adlseq extensions). I'm trying to understand the Test Case: CO-01 from the Testing Requirements document.

You basically have three items. Item 1 has a writeCompletionStatus=true to the global objective gObj-CO01, and in the runtime it sets "cmi.completion_status" to "completed". Item 2 has a readCompletionStatus=true (the default) from the global objective gObj-CO01 and a precondition rule "if completed then skip". So after visiting item 1 and issuing a next navigation request, item 3 should be the activity to deliver.

Here I don't understand the connection between global objectives and the attempt progress information. The precondition rule "completed" is tested against the attempt progress information completion status of item 2. Is that completion status read from the global objective? I can't find that in the document.

I do found this: "If a Write Completion Status and/or Write Progress Measure are specified as True (defaults to False), the appropriate portions of the attempt progress information (Attempt Progress Status and Attempt Completion Status and/or Attempt Completion Amount) are copied from the local objective to the associated shared global objective(s). Any existing tracking information of the shared global objective(s) is unconditionally overwritten.", but that text is not very clear to me.

Then there is Table 4.5.4a. It says to map "cmi.objectives.n.completion_status" to "Attempt Completion Status". What does that mean? There is only one Attempt Completion Status and many objectives... so if I have many objetives, what is the resulting Attempt Completion Status? Or is it the completion status of the objetive? (because attempt refers to the attempt, not the objective).

Any clarification about this would be appreciated.



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