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I just noticed that it appears the documentation on your website is inaccurate. The issue I found is that the SCORM Cloud player is throwing a ‘type mismatch’ error saying that ‘multiple_choice’ is invalid. When I use ‘choice’ it accepts it. On your website listed under the Scorm 2004 4th edition run-time reference it reads:
cmi.interactions.n.type (state (true_false, multiple_choice, fill_in, long_fill_in, matching, performance, sequencing, likert, numeric, other), RW) Which type of interaction is recorded
In my CMI chart, ‘multiple choice’ does not appear to be a valid 2004 type value, whereas ‘choice’ does


This is a common question and a big area of confusion. If you look at the actual SCORM spec, there are actually two sets of values defined for each vocabulary data model element, the  "Data Type" and the "Value Space". The "Data Type" defines the possible underlying values, but the "Value Space" defines the language of how SCORM communication happens. That value space then maps to the data type (often, but not always, using the same string). And, yes, that is overly confusing...but us standards geeks have this compelling instinct to make things just a bit more abstract than they really need to be!

Our run-time reference chart currently lists the possible values for a data model element using the "Data Type" and not the "Value Space". We hope to update this soon to use the more directly useful "Value Space".

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